Apart from classical occupational and clinical psychological tasks, In Actis – Counselling Psychologists also engages in highly specialized tasks under certain terms. These include:

/Counselling and advisory activities during Crisis Response & Contingency Operations
/Screening of individuals, who must be able to function and work in high risk areas
/Training individuals and groups that must be able to function and work in high risk areas
/Training and advisory activities in connection with Maritime Piracy Incidents, Hostage Takings, and Negotiations
/Psychological Operations, Information Operations & Key Leader Engagement Operations
/Field Studies, Target Audience Analysis, Special Psychological Area Assessments & Special Psychological Incident Assessments

An active background as a Reserve Officer in the Danish Army has seen Major Ivan Doulgerof operating in international Crisis Response Operations, as well as training civilian and military personnel facing deployment into international service.

Apart from also having trained staffs in how to handle Contingency Situations and how to carry out negotiations during Hostage Takings, Ivan has, for example, trained shipping officers in how to enhance their chances of survival if taken hostage – and how to deal with the psychological aftermath of such ordeals. Together with another psychologist, Ivan owns the rights to the Advanced Security and Training (AST) course, as well as the Surviving Piracy and Armed Robbery (SPAR) course which are run at the Maersk Training Centre’s in Denmark and England, and he is the co-owner and co-developer of the e-learning tool Surviving Piracy and Armed Robbery (SPAR the CD-ROM).

Ivan has been an external consultant to a number of private organizations and military institutions. These include the Institute for Military Psychology of the Danish Armed Forces, the Danish Defense College, the Danish Advisory and Training Staff in Riga/Latvia, the Danish Army High Command, the Danish Army Special School, the Medical School of the Danish Armed Forces, and Maersk Training Centre in Denmark and its sister organizations abroad.

In Actis – Counselling Psychologists also draw upon a select group of highly competent specialists from other fields of expertise. Should you wish to find out more, then you are welcome to contact us.